Wednesday, 10 July 2013

                                                               Bronte by J Ralph

Went to my friends for a week in Lincolnshire, Bronte and I had a lovely time.
On 5th July we went to East of England it was very very hot for both the dogs and us.
Bronte won her class and then won Reserve Best Bitch, I was chaft to bits.
Cello won Best Dog and Best Veteran he is now nearly 12 years young.

Monday, 17 June 2013

                                               Deepha at 13 years young

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Yesterday  I Judged Best in Show at the Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club I had a lovely day the weather stayed fine.
My Best in Show was the 4yr old Male Malinois Ch Belsharose Nebraska an outstanding dog who lit up the ring with his presence.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Monday, 29 April 2013

Photo by J Ralph

Welks Championship Show on 27th April Bronte won her class Post Graduate also Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

CRUFTS  10/03/2013 Bronte won 3rd in Malinois Post Graduate.
Belgian Shepherd Dog Ass Gt Britain Open Show 07/04/2013 Bronte won 2nd in Malinois Post Graduate.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bronte photo taken by Jan Ralph
 Not been doing much lately next show Crufts on 10 March 2013.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

This is Bronte's Show Record so far, realy proud of her.
Show Society Show date Class place Name of judge

Op Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society 04/12/11 AVNSCP puppy bitch 1st Freda Marshall

OP Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society 04/12/11 Best AVNSCP Puppy Freda Marshall

CH LKA 11/12/11 Minor puppy bitch 1st Lyn Salt

CH LKA 11/12/11 Puppy bitch 1st Lyn Salt

OP Darwen Canine Society 17/12/11 AVNSCP Puppy 2nd Mr A Norcross

OP Clitheroe & D K A 14/01/12 AVNSCP Puppy 2nd Denise Rowan

CH Manchester Champ Show 21/01/12 AVNSCP Minor Puppy bitch 3rd Ben Reynolds-Frost

OP Lichfield C S 28/01/12 Mal Junior D/B 1st Karen Kennedy

OP Lichfield C S 28/01/12 Best Puppy in Breed Karen Kennedy

CH Crufts 10/03/12 Special Puppy bitch 1st Amanda McLaren

CH Crufts 10/03/12 Best Puppy bitch Amanda McLaren

OP The Belgian Shepherd Dog Ass GB 01/04/12 Mal Junior B 2nd Paul Lloyd

OP Colne,Nelson DCS 15/04/12 AVNSC Past Junior 1st Irene Green

OP Colne,Nelson DCS 15/04/12 Puppy Group 1 Irene Green

OP Colne,Nelson DCS 15/04/12 Best AVNSCP puppy Irene Green

OP Colne,Nelson DCS 15/04/12 BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Meriel Taylor

CH WElks 27/04/12 Mal Junior D/B 1st Debbie Lloyd

CH WElks 27/04/12 Best Puppy Debbie Lloyd

CH WElks 27/04/12 Reserve Best Opp Sex Debbie Lloyd

CH Nat Birmingham 11/05/12 Mal Puppy B 4th Jean Lanning

CH SKC 20/05/12 Mal Junior B 2nd Jean Lawless

CH Bath 27/05/12 Mal Junior B 3rd Kathy Bird

CH Three Counties 09/06/12 Mal Junior B 2nd Mrs J Robin-Smith

CH East of England 08/07/12 Mal Junior B 2nd Keven Young

CH East of England 08/07/12 Reserve Best Bitch Keven Young

CH National Working/Pastoral 14/07/12 Mal Junior B 3rd D Knight

OP Evesham DCS 15/07/12 Mal Junior D/B 1st Helena Hutchings

OP Evesham DCS 15/07/12 Reserve Best of breed Helena Hutchings

OP Tonge DCS 22/07/12 AVNSCP Junior 1st Tracy Irving

CH The Belgian Shepherd Dog Ass GB 04/08/12 Mal Junior B 4th Eric Desschans

CH The Northern Belgian Shepherd dog club 05/08/12 Mal junior B 4th Sonny Strom

CH City of Birmingham C A 01/09/12 AVPNSC Junior B 2nd Jean Lanning

OP Preston & District C S 09/09/12 Mal Open 1st Kathy Gorman

CH Darlington Dog Show Society 15/09/12 Mal Junior B 1st Bob Rushton

OP The Belgian Shepherd Dog Ass GB 23/09/12 Mal Junior B 2nd

OP The Northern Belgian Shepherd dog club 21/10/12 Mal Post Graduate B 2nd Colin Munro

CH Midland Counties C S 28/10/12 Mal Post Graduate B 1st Jo Armstrong

CH Midland Counties C S 28/10/12 Best Bitch Jo Armstrong

OP Hyde & District Canine Association 11/11/12 AVNSCP Junior 2nd Mrs M Duckworth

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bronte and I got up early yesterday to go to Midland Counties Champ Show (I realy mean early) I set the alarm for 5am set of for Stafford at 5.20 (or so I thought), after being on the road for a while the man on the radio said the time was 6 and I was near our destnation, a 2 hour journey, how could this be? I forgot to put the clocks back, instead of getting up at 5am when my alarm went off it was 4am.
Anyway we both had a great day at the show thanks to judge Jo Armstrong she gave Bronte first in her class then Best Bitch and Best Opposite..

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

These are some things I sell on my Craft table at Craft Fairs.
My husband made the trinket boxes and I made the bags.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I retired Deepha after the LKA Champ show December 2011at nearly 12years old
So here are some pictures etc of her 12 years.
Deepha aged 9 years when she went in the history books for being the first malinois to win a group at a championship show, also in the picture is judge Ann Arch.
In March 2010 she got her Show Certificate of Merit , again went in the history books as she was the first malinois to get it.
In 2004 we went to france to the Nationale d'Elveage At the French Speciality 2004 she was graded excellent, passed her CSAU (Certificat de Sociabilite' et d'Aptitude a' l'Utilisation)  and passed her TAN (Test de Comportement).
Deepha is owned by Ann Brown of Zodantta Malinois born 20/05/2000

she has the award Commended Elite.

Deepha is part of the Breeders Stakes Team.

She has gained her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

was continually graded Excellent at Championship Shows under English and Continental Judges

She was consistently placed at both Championship and Open Shows..

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sorry about the loss of all my pictures from my blog, But a few weeks ago I had a virus on my computer and had to have a new hard drive fitted ,all my stuff was lost including my photos so I have to do it all again please bare with me.

Monday, 30 April 2012

On 27th April Bronte and I went to WELKS Ch show.
Dreadful  day poured with rain all day and we were hanging around bored till we went in the ring at approx 4.30pm, Bronte won her class malinois Junior was also reserve Best Opposite sex and Best Puppy in Breed.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

At Colne, Nelson & District Canine Society Bronte won AVNSCP Junior, Best AVNSCP Puppy, Best AVNSCP, Pastoral Group 1 and Best Puppy in Show.
So proud of her.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Bronte the day she won Best Puppy in ShowPosted by Picasa



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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sorry there haven't been any news for a while.

Bronte has been doing very well so poud of her.

This is her show career to date:

Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society
AVNSCP puppy bitch 1st

Freda Marshall

Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society
Best AVNSCP Puppy
Freda Marshall
LKA Champ Show
Minor puppy bitch 1st

Lyn Salt
LKA Champ Show
Puppy bitch 1st
Best Puppy Bitch

Lyn Salt

Darwen Canine Society
AVNSCP Puppy 2nd

Mr A Norcross

Clitheroe & D K A
AVNSCP Puppy 2nd
Denise Rowan
Manchester Champ Show
AVNSCP Minor Puppy bitch 3rd

Ben Reynolds-Frost

Lichfield C S
Mal Junior D/B 1st

Karen Kennedy
Lichfield C S
Best Puppy in Breed
Karen Kennedy
Special Puppy bitch 1st
Amanda McLaren

Best Puppy bitch
Amanda McLaren

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Update on Bronte:
At Ladies Kennel Association on 11 december 2011 Bronte won 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch and 1st in Puppy Bitch, and Best Malinois Puppy Bitch,which I am pleased to say she has qualified for Crufts 2012.
Deepha (Bonvivant Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta) got 2nd in Veteran bitch this was her last ever show , she has been a good ambassador for the breed and has done me proud, first ever Malinois Championship Show Group Winner, first ever Malinois Show Certificate of Merit Winner, has had many BOB and became a champion at the age of 10.
I will miss not showing her but I feel it was time for her to retire and rest and relax, she is now 11 half and her name will be in the history books.
On december 17th at Darwen Canine Society, Bronte got 2nd in puppy bitch.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Went to Maghull and Merseyside Canine Society on 4th December Bronte won AVNSC puppy bitch, won Best AVNSC Puppy, and was short listed for Best Puppy in Show, realy proud of her.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I bought home my new puppy last tuesday her name is Bronte, she is lovely and is very good, Deepha took to her straight away, and Kobra is still wondering what she is doing here but he has had kisses of her.
Today I went to Darlington Championship Show and Deepha won Best Veteran, Best Bitch and Best of Breed, then to top it all my friends Jan and Barbara organised a surprise birthday party for me, it was a lovely surprise.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

News on whats been going on:
Blackpool championship Show 24,25,26 June 2001 the first 2 days I was stewarding its always a tiring job because you have to make sure the ring is run smoothly(paperwork etc)
On the third day I showed Deepha she won Malinois Open bitch, Best bitch and Best Opposite Sex.
East of England Championship Show 9 July 2011 Deepha won 2nd in Malinois Open Bitch.
National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 16 July 2011 Deepha won 2nd in Veteran dog/bitch.
BSDA Gt Britian Championship Show Deepha won Veteran Bitch.
I took my trade stand and sold quite a few bags and other things, had a very good day, Deepha and I went back to my friends for a week, on the monday we had a few friends to a BBQ later on we had a fun agility for the adult dogs and puppies, it was great fun.
My new puppy Bronte is coming on well, I will be taking her home soon.
On the 14th August 2011 my friend and I went down to Bourenmouth Championship Show
we started out on the night before and arrived in time after stopping a few times to have a sleep. Deepha won Veteran Bitch.
2 days after coming home from Jan's I went camping down to Builth Wells the the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, Deepha won Malinois Open Bitch ,Reserve Challenge Certificate and Best Veteran in Breed.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hi everyone, still very busy.
Deepha and I went to Bath Championship Show on 29 May, deepha won 3rd place in Open bitch. On the 11 June we went to Three Counties Championship Show at Malvern in Worcestershire, I won 2nd in Junior with the tervueren bitch I show for Chris my friend.
Deepha my Malinois won 2nd in Open bitch, and then went on to win 4th in Special Veteran Stakes out of a class of 11 dogs I was very pleased with the results.
On the 18 June we went to our Breed Championship Show which was quite local, I was going to have my trade stand there but the weather was very windy and started to blow it all over the place, so decided to pack it up.
I have also been doing a bit of stewarding.
Blackpool Championship Show is on the 24th 25th and 26th of June first 2 days I am stewarding and the 3rd day I am showing Deepha, on the 30th June I have been asked to judge a training class in Blackpool. June has been a very busy month, I have only got 2 Championship Shows in July so hopefully I will be able to have a rest till August.
This year 27th June is John and my 30th wedding anniversary so we are going out for a meal to celebrate.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Deepha and I went to Scottish Kennel Club Championship show with friends Tracy and Dave, it was a lovey day but very windy.
My friend Jan got her 3rd CC with Cruz ( Bonvivant tete a tete) making him a Champion, Tracy got reserve CC with her malinois Revloch Yabadabado.
It was Deephas 11th birthday the day before the show.
Deepha got 3rd in Open Bitch very pleased with deepha she thoughly enjoyed herself and looked great.
A great day had by all.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Well on Saturday I got up very early 4.30am did my flasks and finished loading the car and started our journey 5.10am, weather was foggy and cold but as soon as we got on the A6 it seemed to have cleared and the journey was a little better, we arrived at the show at 7.30 am.
It was a very long day the judging was very slow in both my rings. Deepha won her class AVNSCP Open Dog/Bitch then went on to win Best AVNSCP Bitch.
Was very proud of her couldn't have asked for more.
Next show is National Working and Pastoral Open.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everybody.
Its been a few months since I posted.
But now I'm back, the show season has started so watch this space.
My first show is Manchester on the 22 Jan no breed classes so we are in AVNSC Pastoral and Veteran Stakes.
If your going I will see you there.
Deepha is still looking good just needs to loose a little weight nothing much.

Friday, 17 September 2010

It's been some weeks since I wrote on my blog, but we haven't been doing very much, except gardening and get it ready for the winter.
On the 22 August Deepha and I went to Welsh Kennel Champ Show, my grandaughter came with us, I realy enjoyed her company and she seemed to enjoy it too.
I showed Chris Bennetts Tervueren puppy, she had 3rd in minor puppy bitch and 2nd in puppy bitch.
The Malinois was in the ring later in the afternoon, Deepha (Ch Bonvivant Coup De Foudre avec Zodantta CSAU ex. TAN. Sh CM) 2nd in Open bitch and Reserve bitch CC, Bitch CC and Best of Breed was Toyah (Multi Ch Revloch O'baoill) Dog CC was his 3rd Belsharose Nebraska, Reserve Dog CC was Raueri (Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo (ikc).
We had a good journey home.
On the 10th of September I went down to Jan's to get ready to go to Richmond on the 11th its quite a long journey and tireing there was a hold up on the M25 but managed to get to the show about 11.30, which was ok as we were not in till about 3pm, the judge wanted to judge us inside the tent but we talked him into doing it outside.
Jan's young pup Caper ( Bonvivant Zippydedoodah) won the dog CC and Best of Breed, Reserve Dog CC was Cruz (Bonvivant Tete A Tete), Deepha (Ch Bonvivant Coup De Foudre avec Zodantta CSAU ex. TAN. Sh.CM won Bitch CC, Reserve CC was Toyah (Multi Ch Revloch O'baoill).
Good day was had by all. On the Sunday Jan and I including the dogs went to a fun day and had a great day.
Getting ready now to go to Darlington Champ Show no tickets this time.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

                                                         Deepha and Kobra playing

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hi everybody long time no write.
Went to East of England Champ show had a lovely day Deepha won reserve best bitch.
At National Working and Pastoral Champ show Jan was judgeing so I help steward in her ring it was great fun I thoughly enjoyed myself.
Cheltenham & District Open show Deepha won Best of Breed.
Now looking forward to Welsh Kennel.
Sorry for the short notes will do better next time.
If anybody would like any Forever Living Aloe Vera products just contact me at the shows I always have it in my car.
See you at Wales!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

I have done my stint of stewarding at Blackpool for this year, today Sunday I showed Deepha, there was 7 malinois entered but there were 3 absentees.
Best Dog and Best of Breed went to Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo (Raueri), Reserve Dog was Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex was my own Ch Bonvivant Coup De Foudre avec Zodantta csau-ex. tan Sh CM (Deepha), Reserve Bitch was Sabrefield Zimply Zuper.
We had a lovely day it was realy hot in fact all three days were super.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sorry i haven't updated for a while but have been rather busy I went to 3 Counties to judge the Groenendael I had quite a good entry and some very nice exhibits, I had a very nice enjoyable day.
Today Deepha, Kobra and I went to Cheshire County Show, I was showing Deepha and Kobra came along for the day, a good day was had by all.
There was only one class for the Malinois so the dogs and bitches were in together, Deepha won the class and got Best of Breed, it was about an hour later when they called the Pastoral Group, to my surprise Deepha was short listed to the last 7 and won Pastoral Group 2, as I am sure you can imagin we were delighted, so we flew home and got home about 4.10pm with no hold ups.
Going to Blackpool next weekend I am stewarding on the Friday and Saturday and showing Deepha on the Sunday. So if your going we will see you there.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Deepha and I have had a wonderful weekend.
On friday we went to jan's for the weekend Saturday we had a chill out day and Sunday at 6.30am Jan, Barbara, myself and 5 dogs went to Bath Championship Show, it was a great day Jan's young puppy Caper (Bonvivant Zippydedoodah )won the reserve dog CC and best puppy in breed, and my own bitch Bonvivant Coup De Foudre avec Zodantta CSAU Ex - Tan. Sh CM won her third CC making her a 'Champion' subject to the KC.
I have been in malinois for a long time and never thought the day would come that I would ever have a Champion, I am so proud of her.
Thank you Jan for such a lovely girl, also Zena Thorn Andrews, Jeff Luscott, and Dyllis Knight for thinking so highly of her. We got there in the end.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

deepha and I went to SKC on friday had a lovely drive up with Tracy and Dave and of cause there malinois Raueri, Deepha won her second CC at the age of 10years still looking as good as ever, we are slowly getting there considering the Malinois were given CC status in 2006.
Raueri got his first CC at just 12months and also BOB.
Deepha and I had a lovely day the weather was lovely and warm, and we had a good journey home. See you at Bath champ show if your going.